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Assembly Instructions

Get detailed tools list and how to videos in case you need help assembling your rack system!


Color and Finish

Check out our attachments for your rack system. customize your racks to suit your next adventure!

Rhino Liner, Powder Coat, Paint to match! What will look best on your 4x4?



All Welding done in house at Cantori Offroad solutions! We offer a wide variety of options as well as made to order rack options! 



Here at Cantori Offroad Solutions, we are grateful to have the opportunity to create something for you to enjoy! Our thoughts are, every satisfied customer is one more positive change we can leave on this Earth. By design we want to encourage people to get out and enjoy the whole Earth. The way we can contribute to changing the way people treat the planet is to help them participate in enjoying it. What better way than to get out and get lost in the forest! 

Whether you are in the Moab, Sahara Desert on Pismo beach or deep in the Redwood Forest we want to help you get there. With the right equipment you can have the confidence to stay a little while. 

We are a USA Based company with German engineering. The Dream of Cantori Offroad solutions came about like every other Bromance you've heard. To long lost Bro N Laws met for the first time, well after both of them had married sisters in different countries. Norman, married Bianca the older sister, and Joe married Cara the younger sister. Little did Norman or Joe know they would also become great friends.  Although they lived in two different countries they both had a great ambition for adventure. After some pretty epic Mountain bike trips a few hard falls and some crashes of far too expensive toys, they decided that life was getting too expensive to not work. They said "Wouldn't it be amazing to work together? Too bad we live so far away....." But then.... Norman thought....." What about the internet!" It was a dream come true! They could work together because the times we live in allow it. They decided to stop talking and get to working on stuff. Norman being the skilled German that can fabricate anything and Joe being the (we're not sure what Joe does) Got busy doing what they do best. Creating adventure. Please join us in our adventure and help us to remind people how beautiful this earth truly is!

Schriftzug Off road solution[9760].tif


Meridian Idaho 



Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm

​Sunday: CLOSED

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